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Users have to enrol into every course they want to use. There are different approaches for different kinds of courses:

  • 1.) XRF Training/Software Courses:

These are courses that we offer for a fee. You can either directly pay via Paypal and instantly get access to the course:

Or you contact us at info@fluxana.com and you will get access per invoice and enrolment code.

  • 2.) Service courses after buying a FLUXANA® machine:

Here you either received a code with your new machine or, if you already own a machine, you can ask your contact person at FLUXANA® to give you a code. If you have neither, simply write an email to info@fluxana.com that you are interested in more information on the machine.

  • 3.) User Guides:

User guides, like this one, are offered for free and can be directly accessed.